Aphrodite; Love is not enough.

I’ve been here since 8.
It’s now 3:51am.
And I’m sketched out on caffeine
And adrenaline.

I got lost in the cardiac center when I got off at the wrong bus stop.
It was starting to freezing rain.
I lost my keys yesterday and one of my mittens.
My fingers were getting sore from the wind.

There was a box full of yellow masks
At the entrance.
For patients going into organ transplants.

I drew some boats.
On the dry erase board.
Under the night-shift nurses’ names.
The boats are in red marker.
The nurses are in black.
I could only think of 5 different kinds of boats.
But I know He has more than that. Maybe he’ll see them.
The next time He wakes up.

Apparently She was cutting his hair earlier today.
I couldn’t tell.
When I saw him.
It was all standy-up-py and fussed.
Like a Mr. Jekyl skeleton.

His scapula got me.
When I hugged him.
It was hiding from me.
Under the pink
And blue.
The stripes of his faded teal gown.
These colors don’t run.

I was trying my hardest to avoid his ribs.
And his spine.
Then my finger tips grazed it.
My stomach turned over.
I wanted to say
I love you.
That would have opened the flood gates.
From my eye sockets.
Instead I flashed him a grin.
Pretended this was normal.
Like those times when I would swing by the house.
He was busy tinkering in the shop.
Silly Aphrodite;
Love is not enough.

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