Benzie Girls Soccer: Wednesday, April 27, at Leland (2-7 Loss)

Benzie Girls Soccer: Wednesday, April 27, at Leland (2-7 Loss)

0-5 at halftime. 2-7 final.

This was the sixth game of the 2016 season and the fifth away game for the Benzie Central Girls Varsity Soccer team.

Leland had 17 shots in the first half: seven shots by #14 Libby Munoz, six shots by #11 Mollie Grishaw, and four shots by #12 Mattie Burda. Libby scored on three of her seven shots: the first goal at 11 minutes into the first half, the second goal at 19 minutes in, and the third goal at 25 minutes into the first half. Mollie Grishaw scored on two of her six shots: her first goal coming with only eight minutes left in the first half, and another goal two minutes later. Meanwhile, Benzie had no shots in the first half.

Once again, as is becoming a trend, our girls played better in the second half than in the first. Benzie’s defense limited Leland to only 11 shots in the second half: three by Mollie Grishaw, two by Libby Munoz (one of which she scored on, at 21 minutes into the second half), one by Mattie Burda (which she scored on, at 23 minutes into the second half), two by #22, and one shot for #21 and #23.

The Lady Huskies took only four shots in the second half (two shots by Haley Papineau, one shot by Tylor Kistler, and one shot by Hanna Burch), two of which they scored on. Haley scored at 28 minutes into the game with an assist from Hanna, and Hanna then scored with only five minutes left in the game, which put us a at a final of 2-7 for the night. Benzie goalkeeper Maile Church made 29 saves out of 36 shots on her, compared with the Leland keeper who had 2 saves out of 4 shots.

Note: Libby Munoz is Leland’s “ringer,” and she scored 4 goals plus she had an assist — if you take her out of the game (she is graduating this year, and she is currently only 7 goals away from tying Michigan’s total goals record), then it was more like a tie game.

We were missing: Fenja Firnhaber (injured), Ayla Breuker (sick), Coach Aubrey Ann Parker (she attended the superintendent interviews instead). We had four subs, which was nice compared with only two subs, which we’ve gotten used to lately. This was the first game that Brenna Harm could play in, after being suspended for the first five games. Sarah Middleton brought grapes as a snack, and Myah Clous brought granola bars.

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