Living The Dream

We are the new age revolutionists
In our vintage hats,
Worn-down flip flops
And Dad’s corduroy’s from the ‘70’s
Oh, and don’t forget the over-priced bangle jewels
Strewn loose about our necks
Which came to us from drug-trafficking diamond-dealers in the Congo
Our Rhodes Scholarships paid for with interest-earned slave money;
Thank God for the banking system of today.
Oh, but damn those Corporate Wall-Street scandalists
And their Senate-approved bailout packages, indeed.

We, the revolutionists, counter our culture
By rejecting meat
And renouncing fashion
And voting with our hearts.
Just don’t mention our failure in the last election;
We had a test in Introductory Anthropology that day.

We are members of the co-op
Where we get our local produce and free-range vegetarian-fed eggs.
Until, that is, we pamper ourselves on foreign pesticide-infested pineapple,
Straight from the depths of the rainforest Amazon
Where oil is pumped out of volcanic depths
To feed Mom’s petroleum guzzling 4-wheel drive Escalade.

We buy Fair Trade, organic, shade-grown Espresso
From the family owned business on the corner
We use our refillable, not landfillable, banged and battered coffee mug
And we would never dream of going to Starbucks:
Not the one on Main, on State, or even convenient South U.

We resist the urge to splurge
On material things;
Except for the sales.
At J.Crew and The North Face
When we indulge in Chinese-child made gifts.
Gifts from their needle-torn fingers
Sewn in a capital-torn land
To U.S. on our jobless turf

Shame on us,
Blame on us,
The hipsters of the anti-revolution.
We live in the world made by us;

Be the change you wish to see.


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