Quite a history have we.

Those legs.
I first saw those legs in the cafeteria.
You weren’t hiding them.
Most guys are afraid to show the whites of their eyes;
Much less of their upper inner thighs.

Didn’t take long until I saw more than that.
A few chats on AOL;
“You have mail.”
…and an open invitation.

We’re both from the North.
Wow; I think we’re Soul Mates.
Gee, Sarcasm, too.

You weren’t ever that good in the sack,
But I let you strip me down anyway.
Strip me of my dignity,
When your roommate walked in on you going down on me.

I was seeing other people.
So were you.
I told you the truth;
Even gave you names.
But you preferred hiding better than seeking;

Until I gave it up.
All of it.
Including you.
I wanted to focus on me.

You called,
In the middle of the night,
And asked to come over to my bed.
I might have even said “yes”
To your “innocent” offer,
But I knew from experience
You’d rather sleep alone.

I told you,
Although the affair was over,
The friendship didn’t have to be so;
I think that you didn’t believe me, though.

Two years:
It took two years
For you to force your eyes meet mine.
They’re the same color;
Yours and mine.
We share the color;
Burnt auburn eyes.

On a beach
In sunny Ecuador
You actually found a way
To get under my sun-kissed skin.
I went to bed angry in our shared tent
Made for two.
We’d rekindled our friendship
Where there was never a spark
Came back stateside
Close like siblings
Or partners
Unbound by walls

We even shared a house
And a lab
And somehow developed a trigger
Which we set off
On a beach
In rainy-seasoned Panama

We knew it was wrong
Even during
But we laughed
Because the three dollar liquor
Had gone to our heads

The sand was cold
On that midnight beach
Where we finally finished the deed
All things come with time

And somehow, despite it all
Love we still manage to share,
Even now,
Separated by a one-way flight
From Saginaw to Syracuse.

Passion consumed first me,
Then you,
Then me again;
I can’t count the number of times.

But here
And now
In the good, ole
You. ES. of Eh.
We find ways to communicate;

We are together,
Mind and spirit.
Like waves upon water;
Platonic partners for life.

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