Foodie Festival Photos in Edible Grande Traverse Summer 2014

Foodie Festival Photos in Edible Grande Traverse Summer 2014

Two full pages of my photos in print!

So this gig is really starting to work out — this is the second time that I’ve been able to offer stock photos of Northern Michigan food-goings-on for Edible Grande Traverse. (You may remember my post about submitting winery photos for the Spring 2014 issue.)

Once again, EGT was looking for stock photos to fill their calendar section. This time, I was able to provide a photo of the Ciccone barn (in the background on both pages), a photo from Cedar’s annual Polka Festival (usually the first weekend of July), and a photo from Green Cuisine at Food For Thought (usually the second Wednesday in July).

It sure is a good thing that I attend so many of these foodie events and think to bring my camera along… at least, that’s what I keep telling myself. ;) Check out the photos below or in the online edition.


Edible Grande Traverse Summer 2014 cover Barb Tholin Editor

Ciccone Vineyard Winery Barn Cedar Polka Festival Food For Thought Inc. Green Cuisine Edible Grande Traverse Summer 2014 Aubrey Ann Parker

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