Google Brings Water Data to Life

New collaboration tool allows for seamless integration of water data from around the world.

Google Fusion Tables video how-to tutorial Circle of Blue Aubrey Ann Parker Malaria Child death Global data

By Aubrey Ann Parker
Circle of Blue

With all the power of 21st century collaboration technology, nothing to date has tamed the massive amounts of disparate water information locked away in diverse database systems. But that may have changed last week when Google Labs launched Fusion Tables, a powerful new online research and data organizing tool that makes it much easier to share and navigate the world’s digital science and technical archives.

Fusion Tables — which was developed by Google engineers using sample research data about the global freshwater crisis provided by Circle of Blue and the Pacific Institute — is specifically designed to unlock a treasure trove of facts, trends, and scientific findings that, until now, have been sequestered in databases and spreadsheets not easily shared… Read complete article at Circle of Blue.

Google Fusion Tables tutorial with Circle of Blue’s Aubrey Ann Parker
Video © Aaron Jaffe / Circle of Blue

All video by Aaron Jaffe for Circle of Blue. Nadya Ivanova, Cody T. Pope, and Keith Schneider contributed to this article.

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