Benzie Girls Soccer: Monday, April 13, vs. Glen Lake (0-8 Loss)

Benzie Girls Soccer: Monday, April 13, vs. Glen Lake (0-8 Loss)

0-6 at halftime. 0-8 at end of game.

This was the third game of the 2015 season for the Benzie Central Girls Varsity Soccer team, and the team’s second home game.

As seems to be becoming a trend this season, the Lady Huskies played a much better second half than first half. However, they only were able to play about 15 minutes of the second half, because we did not play on past the “mercy” rule of an eight-goal lead by the other team. Four of the six goals in the first half were due to marking problems within the 18, and two of the goals (one in first half, one in second) were missed offsides calls. If we fix those problems, the game would have likely been 0-2. (Also, it seems appropriate to note that more than half of Glen Lake’s girls play soccer in the off-season, so they are coming into spring a lot more seasoned than our girls who have not played in at least a year.)

Peyton Campbell was out with an injury that she got during Saturday’s home game against Elk Rapids, and she will be continue to be out for most of this week’s practice. Of note, the side of the field by the road was no longer snowy, as it was on Saturday, so we used the original painted line; this did cause some confusion, but not too bad, and we’re hoping that the snowy paint line fades over the course of the season.

Coach Aubrey Ann Parker’s dog, Nova, came to visit again, and she “warmed up” with the girls in a bright green pinny. Dawn Schoech (Biz’s mom) brought salad and Denise Clasen (Sara’s host mother) brought soup for the girls to eat dinner before the game. Coach Parker also brought halftime snacks that were leftover: apples, string cheese, and granola bars.

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