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McKibben Urges Obama to Ramp up U.S. Climate Promises

COPENHAGEN -- While hundreds of thousands of people were out marching against climate change this past weekend, world leaders inside the Bella Center slyly removed the most important number in the world from climate negotiating texts — one that more than 100 nations had already agreed to.

Bomb Threat Closes Down Copenhagen Train Station

“There is no 1A bus running from here,” the Danish metro transit security man told me on the corner of Kongens Nytorv (King’s Center Square), where I generally get off the subway and hop onto a bus. “You have to get back on the subway, go one stop, get off at the Norreport station. Then go outside, get on a 15 bus.”

U.S. media tarnishes message of Copenhagen climate protest

COPENHAGEN — The Global Day of Action began Saturday in the South Pacific where the sun rises. The day of international protest started as an uplifting global demonstration calling for a “Real Deal” to come out of the climate negotiations in Copenhagen. More than 3,000 marches and candlelight vigils in 139 countries occurred — some yielding as many as 50,000 demonstrators— all with the intent of spreading this one common, unified message to policymakers.